Herdwick Publishing Limited

Welcome to Herdwick Publishing, a company born from the shared passions and seasoned expertise of Cumbrian-based artist David Pooley and digital marketing expert Andy Johnson.

With the picturesque Cumbrian landscape as our inspiration and an unwavering commitment to creativity and innovation, we are more than just a publishing company, we are passionate about blending artistry with nature.

Who we are

David Pooley, a name synonymous with Cumbrian art, brings over three decades of print industry experience to Herdwick Publishing. His artwork, celebrated for capturing the beauty of the Cumbrian landscape and its wildlife, embodies the spirit of our products.

Andy Johnson complements this artistic vision with his extensive background in graphic design and digital marketing. With over twenty years of navigating the evolving terrain of print and digital media, Andy’s innovative strategies and keen eye for design play a pivotal role in bringing our products to customers.

David Pooley
David Pooley
Andy Johnson
Andy Johnson

Our inspiration

At the heart of Herdwick Publishing is our love for the great outdoors. But the Cumbrian landscape is not just the backdrop for our work. Home to the delightful Herdwick Sheep, they are characters in their own right and our love for them seeded the idea for the company name. David and Andy’s adventures in the Lake District—whether walking, fell running, or simply pausing to appreciate the silence of nature—are integral to the creative process.

Join our journey

Thank you for visiting Herdwick Publishing. As we continue to grow and expand our new product ranges, we invite you to be a part of our story. Open a trade account with us today and start stocking our greeting card designs.

Registered Office:
6 Cavendish Street
LA14 0SB

Company Reg No.: 15411753


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